Artificial intelligence in intellectual property

AIIP was founded by AWA, Mindified, & Lunds University during 2020. What started as collaboration around a Master Thesis during 2019 has turned into a collaborative strategic partnership dedicated to experimental AI/ML within Legaltech IP. Together we have access to both know-how, data, and technical infrastructure making it easy to run fast iterative experiments, conduct R&D trying to figure out the future of AI within Intellectual Property.
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We welcome everyone interested in the future of AI within Intellectual Property to reach out and get involved!

From day one we have been collaborating with different stakeholders ranging from Master Thesis students to end-users like representatives from companies with IP portfolios and IP-specialists conducting day-to-day IP-consultancy.

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AIIP´s mission, except being the main node of networking, is to drive the usage of AI within IP management by joint research and experimental efforts seeking out how data can create more value for both owners of Intellectual Property as well as professionals within industry. The main focus of the collaboration between industry, researchers and students from Lund University, will be on exploration and development of cutting edge tools within this field of Legal Tech.

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We are constantly looking for challenges that might be solved with AI, let´s explore potential solutions together!

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